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For the most part kids have only seen outward actions of Christian's and have little knowledge of inward motives or struggles. Parents are very reluctant to share their dark secrets and personal failings with their kids. Most adults shield themselves behind self-protective, attainable, Christian standards to maintain the appearance of spiritual maturity. Is it any wonder that kids get the idea that Christianity is just a bunch of rules? The concept that salvation has nothing to do with rules and everything to do with Grace is new.

The Gospel of Grace


45653: What"s So Amazing About Grace?

Just $7.99 from Christian

This is actually a thrilling book you'll want to have in your reference library.

What's So Amazing About Grace?
By Philip Yancey / Zondervan

Grace is the church's great distinctive. It's the one thing the world cannot duplicate, and the one thing it craves above all else for only grace can bring hope and transformation to a jaded world.

In What's So Amazing About Grace?, award-winning author Philip Yancey explores grace at street level. What is grace? If grace is God's love for the undeserving, then what does it look like in action? If Christians are its sole dispensers, how are we doing at lavishing grace on a world that knows far more of cruelty and unforgiveness than it does of mercy? In his most personal and provocative book ever, Yancey offers compelling, true portraits of grace's life-changing power. He searches for its presence in his own life and in the church. He challenges us to become living answers to a world that desperately wants to know What's So Amazing About Grace?

Winner of the Gold Medallion Book Award, the Christian Book of the Year Award, and the Retailers Choice Award.

Grace By Faith Or Works:
grace by works or faith

The goal of this youth Bible lesson is to compare what Paul says about salvation by grace alone with what James says that faith without works is dead. In many of my other lessons the kids have learned that they are saved by the death of Jesus on the cross. They can not loose their salvation by doing bad things or having unconfessed sins. However, passages in James can be a bit confusing, and I’ve heard some pastors preach falsely, that you must also do good works to get into heaven. More importantly is for the kids to make “the 18” connection.” detailed in this youth Bible lesson plan.

834235: Know What You Believe

One of the best books for trustworthy answers you'll ever find. Just: $9.99
Quoted in the lesson below.

Know What You Believe 

By: Paul E. Little, James F. Nyquist
It is so very important for Christians to know what they believe in this day and age. In an time where truth is a victim, Paul E. Little states that there is only one way to God, and that is through Jesus Christ. Little presents Christian beliefs in a very approachable manner that can be enjoyed by Christians and non-Christians alike. Little has an unapologetic way of presenting the truth of the Gospel that Christians must live by.

What does Christianity have to do with anything? What does the Christian faith teach about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? What do I need to know about angels, Satan and demons? What place should the Bible or a church have in my life? With these and other core questions, best selling author Paul E. Little leads you into a greater appreciation of a God who has done great things to bring you into a relationship with him through Jesus Christ.

The Journey Of Salvation:
journey salvation bible lesson

The goal of this lesson is to open a teenagers mind to the idea that salvation is simple and yet a complex journey.  We will awaken their minds to the need for deep repentance of sin even if we've always evaluated ourselves as being pretty good people.

This is a one page youth Bible lesson plan with leaders guide. It is a simple lesson but might require a good deal of preparation by the youth leader.  I recommend reading the book shown below. I also quote from the book shown above.

My youth Bible lesson entitled, Sin Nature and Sins is a good follow up.  My lesson on Baptism can also be used as a good follow up youth Bible lesson.

911769: Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine
  Max Lucado calls readers back to consider the abundant richness of God's offer.
913121: Inside Out, 25th Anniversary Edition Inside Out, 25th Anniversary Edition
By Dr. Larry Crabb / NavPress

You don't have to pretend you have it all together---when you don't! Dr. Crabb's bestseller encourages you to take an honest look at your innermost struggles and bring them before God. Only then can you be set free from them, and experience a truly fulfilling Christian life. This anniversary edition includes a new preface and final chapter. Includes a 12 week study guide at the back of the book.
This book is referred to in the leaders guide of the youth Bible lesson shown above.  It is an awesome read that I highly recommend for every serious Christian. Click on the book to order from Christian
990199: Have You Heard of the Four Spiritual Laws?  Pack of 25 tracts Have You Heard of the Four Spiritual Laws? Pack of 25 tracts

Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, wrote the Four Spiritual Laws in order to provide believers with an excellent way to introduce people to Jesus Christ and God's plan of salvation. How to know that Christ is in your life, and suggestions for Christian growth are also given in this 15 page, pocket sized booklet. 25 booklets.
I always keep these booklets available for the kids to use with their friends.
834228: Know Why You Believe, New Edition
This book should be in every Christians library.
Know Why You Believe, New Edition
By Paul E. Little / InterVarsity Press

Is there a God? Is Christian rational? Do Science and Scripture agree? Does Christianity really differ from other world religions? These are not only the questions of your heart but also some of the chapter titles of this book. If you have found yourself asking similar questions about Christianity, you need to know that Christian faith and reason are compatible and Paul E. Little explains how. Know Why You Believe examines the tough questions surrounding Christianity and helps you to be certain of your faith.

Paul E. Little and his wife, Marie, worked for twenty-five years with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Until his death in 1975, Little was also associate professor of evangelism at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL. He was the author of several book and articles, including How to Give Away Your Faith.

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