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35960: Youth Ministry Management Tools--Book and CD-ROM  

Youth Ministry Management Tools--Book and CD-ROM
Packed with practical tips, ministry forms, and real-life stories, this comprehensive manual will help you deal with administrative details so you can spend more time with the kids!


The Missing Ministry: Safety, Risk Management and Protecting Your Church


This book will provide you with easy and effective ways to establish a basic safety and security program.
Includes reproducible forms and checklists, including procedures to follow for emergency preparedness.
Sunday School Lesson Plans

Children's Safety and Teacher Accountability

Whenever parents leave their kids with you, for a mission trip or even Sunday School, they are entrusting you to keep their children safe. This responsibility should be given top priority when conducting any youth ministry activity. Bad things can and do happen. My daughter was killed on a Sunday youth group outing (for more info about Catherine and the loss of a child click here to jump to Coconut Mountain Website). You must give some thought to what you would do if the worst happens. The idea that your preparations are good enough for your own kids is not enough. If disaster strikes the parents must rest assured that you've done everything possible to ensure their children's safety.

Here are a list of things you must be prepared for on any outing:

Permission Slip/Parent contact form: You must keep this information with you at all times. In the chaos of an emergency, communication with doctors and parents is essential. You must be able to give an emergency care provider and hospital specific information for them to treat an injury. Never take a child anywhere without a permission slip. Click here for suggested permission slip. This is a long-term permission slip. However, another youth leader recommended getting a new form from the parents for every outing and trip because people are changing insurance companies frequently so the information on even a seasonal medical form get outdated quickly. See the link for the book below that offers many forms.

Basic Medical Information and Identification: You should be able to supply an emergency responder a list of allergies to foods or medicines. You must also have a current photo and physical description to supply searchers if a child is lost.

Free youth ministry forms from Doug Fields and Simply Youth Ministry.

291954: What Do I Do When Teenagers are Victims of Abuse? What Do I Do When Teenagers are Victims of Abuse?
By Steve Gerali / Youth Specialties

In What Do I Do When Teenagers are Victims of Abuse? you’ll explore the various types of abuse teenagers may become victims of, how theology informs the issue, and what practical actions you can take to help teens avoid or escape abusive relationships. You’ll also find additional resources to take the help further.

Local emergency contact numbers for the area you will be in. Do not assume that dialing 911 on your cell phone will work. Have an alternative plan in place before you go that includes the local sheriff/police phone numbers. Let people know exactly where you are going and when you'll be back.

Make sure all the leaders have the cell phone numbers of all the other leaders. Make a list and pass it out or program the numbers into your cell phones memory. Get the kids numbers too.

Read the book: "Better Safe Than Sued", by Jack Crabtree (shown below).

Better Safe Than Sued

Better Safe Than Sued

Make sure your ministry is safe and that you're protected so you never have to be the one who didn't take safety seriously until something serious happened. Youth ministry veteran Jack Crabtree spells it all out for you right here; from van safety, sports, trips, sexual misconduct. Includes a CD with legal forms and more.


Suggested Youth Ministry Policy:

The purpose of this policy is to assure a safe environment for children, protect the reputation of people in youth ministry, and shield your church against liability. These policy guidelines are necessary due to relevant laws, court rulings, and insurance recommendations. They have been developed thru many years of experience with the help of several churches, pastors, and forums. Download .pdf click here.

Teacher Accountability Partner:

Every Youth Pastor or youth leader should have an accountability partner. This should be a mature person you feel comfortable with, who is trustworthy, and exhibits wisdom and confidentiality. They do not need to be a member of the same church or live nearby but you must be able to share everything with them.

Internet safety software

Family Lawyer

Family Lawyer

Prepare professional legal documents in a matter of minutes, for a lot less than you would spend consulting with an attorney. This fully integrated program includes a comprehensive collection of easy-to-use tools and forms designed to put you in control of your legal affairs. Featuring hundreds of documents prepared by professional lawyers along with a full library of legal reference materials. As a bonus you'll have access to Live Legal Help to help even further in your legal affairs. Plus: Get answers to the most common legal questions by Harvard Law Professor, Arthur Miller and the helpful Estate Planning Companion

Youth Ministry Forms 101: A Guide to Forms as a Risk Management and Organization Tool for Youth Ministry
Youth Ministry Forms 101: A Guide to Forms As A Risk Management and Organization Tool for Youth Ministry

Facebook, Myspace, and e-mails:

Facebook and Myspace is a good way to keep an eye on the kids interactions. I encourage parents and youth leaders to jump into the game but keep your comments to a minimum. All of your friends are notified when you post events, activities, and meetings. I prefer Facebook. Myspace is a bit too worldly for my taste with lots of ads aimed at hooking-up. Be careful of posting group pictures of kids unless you have parents permission. I have a Facebook group set up for the kids in our church. The security is set very tight and membership is private. We use it to communicate about events.

Someone wrote:

Everything you ever write for the internet is:permanent & indelible, discoverable, international, instant, reproducible, misquotable, and susceptible of misrepresentation, decontextualisation and satire.

E-mail is a great way to get word out about your youth group activities. Ask your kids if they actually check their e-mails anymore as most use Facebook or Myspace, texting. Parents are still using e-mail. Avoid personal e-mails with students. If one is received we suggest sending a blind-copy of your reply to your “accountability partner”. Both of you should make a copy of the e-mail and keep it on file. If you send an e-mail to a kid do a copy to their parents too.

Texting: Kids do most of their communicating by texting on their cells phones. Warn them against sending photos as these later can be used for bullying. Visit my page on bullying for more information.

You hope you'll never need a book like this but if you're in the game long enough you will.

Order a copy today and keep it handy.

I have had to refer to this book several times and the advice is always right on.

435744: Group"s Emergency Response Handbook for Youth Ministry Group's Emergency Response Handbook for Youth Ministry
By Group Publishing

Equip yourself and your youth ministry team with the right words and actions in those critical moments when your youth need a timely and wise response to difficult situations. 12 critical situations are addressed, including: academic problems, family conflict, stress & anxiety, and destructive behavior. Each topic is co-authored by a psychological and ministry professional.

150018: Rock Your World: How You Can Make a Difference  

Rock Your World: How You Can Make a Difference

Rock Your World includes great stories of teenagers who are making a difference at home, at school, and around the world, all because they chose to be used by God.

Safe Mission Trips:

Many opinions have been put forward as to the value of taking junior high Kids on mission trips. I will not hazard an opinion myself but I will suggest a mission that is safe, inside the United States, and has junior high age specific opportunities: Click here for Mission Discovery.

From their website: "Mission Discovery began in 1991 as an effort to serve Jesus Christ by combining and coordinating mission resources and US churches to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the world's poor. Since Mission Discovery's beginning, over 20,000 students and adults have built homes and churches and have shared the gospel with hundreds of people in the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, Africa, and the United States.

Mission Discovery projects are organized around 5-10 day outreaches. Each team will be involved in a vital construction project along with an outreach led by team members that communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ. Hundreds have decided to follow Christ each year through Mission Discovery outreaches such as Children?s Bible School and door to door evangelism."

(Download Project Brochure)

460647: Simply Youth Ministry: Mission Trips from Start to Finish, book and CD-ROM Simply Youth Ministry: Mission Trips from Start to Finish, book and CD-ROM
By Doug Fields & Lynne Ellis / Group Publishing

Whether across the city or across the globe, it can seem daunting to the inexperienced or the unprepared. But with Mission Trips From Start to Finish, you'll find expert advice to make planning and executing yours as simple as possible. This practical tool is designed to guide first-time trip planners step-by-step, while also providing old pros with a host of tools to be used over and over again. It'll save you time, headaches, and possibly legal and law enforcement trouble!Sections Cover:
  • Think big
  • Recruit your team
  • Prepare your Leadership
  • Do the Logistics
  • Train your team
  • Serve on Location
  • Returning Home
    This is broken into three major sections

    1) Rationale and Explanation of putting your mission plan together.
    2) A handout section with training sheets, letters, and more
    3) A CD-ROM containing everything from part 2 in Microsoft Word and PDF formats so you can edit, print, and distribute as much as you need.

Having an accurate data base with contact information, e-mail addresses, allergies, and photos, is vital to any organization that wants to grow. Have the information handy also makes sending cards, notes, and news letters a lot easier. Accurate photo's are invaluable for law enforcement and rescue personal. Print this handy info card and keep a stack in your class room. Have every kid fill one out. Call their parents for the rest of the information. Keep them in a recipe box made for holding 3 x 5" index cards. Enter them into your data-base program when you get home.

For children's safety and teacher accountability print and rewiew a copy of our suggested policies shown above.

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