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Youth Group Games

Here are some of my favorite youth group games. These are easy to do and always a hit with the kids. Of course they are not my original ideas. They are just games I've used and had fun with. I'm also including links to sources I have used for hundreds of other youth group games.

It's great when you plan an activity that goes with your Sunday school lesson. Some of my Sunday school lessons have suggested Bible games with them. The activity's with a spiritual purpose can help the kids recall the lesson for a long time. Sometimes, however, they just want to have fun. Youth group games and icebreakers build group relationships.

Of course you never know the mood your kids will be in when they arrive so it's smart to have several games and activities ready to go. Select a game that best suits the kids who have shown up and how they're feeling.

20319: Games 2, Ideas Library Games 2, Ideas Library
By Youth Specialties / Zondervan/Youth Specialties

So what's the Ideas Library? Simply the most complete collection of practical youth ministry programming ideas on this planet. The ideas books set the pace for 20th century youth ministry. And now they're updated for 21st century youth groups reorganized from the inside out for busy youth workers who need the perfect idea, and need it now. This volume features nearly 400 games in several categories: Baseball and Kickball Games; Swimming Pool and Lake Games; Wide Games; Golf Games; Frisbee Games; and more!

Balloon Games: Always keep a good stock of balloons. You can pull these out anytime.

One of the kids favorites is the "Balloon Stuff".youth group game with ballons

Buy two of the biggest long underwear shirts from your local sporting goods outlet (or use the link on the left). Have the kids blow up fifty to one hundred balloons. [Use the first kids to arrive to help with this chore or make it part of the game] Separate the kids into two groups (boys against the girls is usually fun). Suggest they put the smallest kid on each team in one of the massive shirts. Give the kids a set amount of time to stuff as many balloons into the shirt as possible. Count the balloons using a thumb-tack to pop them. Takes lots of pictures.

Another easy balloon game: Blow up a balloon for each kid. Tie the balloon to their ankle with about a foot of string. Start stomping. The last kid with balloon intact wins. Give prizes to the winning team.

Watery Balloon game: On one hot summer day I arrived at class with six buckets of water balloons. The kids could each throw one at me from a preset distance. Ya, they really wanted to do that. The hitch was that they had to line up perpendicular behind me to wait their turn. I got hit a few times but the kids waiting behind me got really wet. What a racket. Tons of fun. I use this as an activity with my lesson on Baptism.

Here is a link to The Source For Youth Ministry web site. Tons of free games, lesson plans and advice. Click on the Logo to visit their website: the source for youth ministry

Tips for Choosing Teams


Donut Gobble:
Get some fresh glazed donuts from your local bakery or grocery store. Tie a three foot piece of string to each one. Have the kids divide up into groups of two. One kid lays on the floor. The other stands at their feet dangling the donut over the mouth of the kids on the floor. The standing kid must stay toe-to-toe with the kid laying down and swing the donut into place. The goal is for the kids on the floor to eat the donut the fastest. Play the game twice so each kid gets a chance to eat the donut. Have some wet-wipes handy to clean up sticky faces. Have a nice prize for both winners.
436765: On the Spot: No-Prep Games for Youth Ministry On the Spot: No-Prep Games for Youth Ministry
By Group Publishing

With all the demands of youth ministry, you are certain to encounter times when you need a fun game but don't have a lot of time to prepare. With this book you will always be ready. Inside you will find 20 no prep games. Each 15-minute game is easy to use and rarely requires any special supplies. Whenever your teenagers need to have some "fun in a flash," you'll be ready. A must-have resource for every youth leader!

Baby Food Barf:

Buy four to six tiny bottles of baby food (make sure they're all the same size bottles). Choose fairly good flavors like Banana, except for one. Add a real gagger flavor like Tapioca/meat. Put all the gars in a paper grocery sack and set in the middle of the group. Have an assistant play music while the kids pass a hat (or another object). When the music stops the kids holding the hat has to reach in the bag (without looking) and select a jar. With a clean spoon they must take a big swallow. Play for as long as they want. Play with the kids so you're taking the same risk they are. More food fun.

Great Group Games for Youth Ministry

Great Group Games for Youth Ministry

Recharge your group with these brand-new and innovative games. You'll get 94 new ways for your kids to have fun in small places, the outdoors, any kind of weather, or whenever your group is on the move. Games work with groups of any size and are quick and easy to get ready. Games include puzzle twister, shoe quest, hula ball, Bible menu scramble, and more.


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duct tape youth group gameDuct Tape Stickup:
duct tape stickup youth group game

Separate kids into two teams. Hand each team a roll of duct tape and have them tape a kid to a table in a set amount of time. Stand the tables up to see if the kids stay stuck. Prop the kids in a corner and pretend to start the lesson time. Oh, the whining.

I read that NASA has stolen this idea to keep the astronauts in line if they flip out in space.

422911: The Ultimate Book of Preteen Games  

The Ultimate Book of Preteen Games
4635X: Uncommon Games & Icebreakers--Book and CD-ROM Uncommon Games & Icebreakers--Book and CD-ROM
By Jim Burns

Youth workers can turn their youth groups into dynamic, exciting events that kids will actually look forward to with the great ideas found in Uncommon Games and Icebreakers. In this practical resources, leaders will find dozens of innovative, group-tested ideas for fun games and original icebreakers. To make prep time easier, along with full instructions, each activity has margin icons that give vital information, such as number of people needed, in/outdoor activity, time required etc. These fun activities can be used in any high school and junior high setting, including church groups, retreats, special events, etc., and they complement Burns' Uncommon high school and junior high school study resources.

492912: Ready-to-Go Youth Group Activities: 101 Games, Puzzles Quizzes, and Ideas for Busy Leaders Ready-to-Go Youth Group Activities: 101 Games, Puzzles Quizzes, and Ideas for Busy Leaders
By Todd Outcalt / Abingdon Press
Ready to Go resources provide fully developed activity & event plans. These allow the youth leader to host youth events of substance & quality, with a minimal up-front time investment.

It’s like offering a baked cake instead of a cake recipe & ingredients.  Or, offering a fully-assembled ready-to-use playground set…instead of loose components in a box with assembly instructions.

This book features 101 ready-to-go lessons that Youth Leaders can use in a Sunday School setting, in youth meetings, or retreats.

It also contains meeting ideas and lessons that can be utilized quickly and effectively when the need arises. 

Ready-To-Go resources are equipped with event themes that target contemporary issues teens face in the real world. These relevant messages are delivered with impact, through coordinated devotional plans, discussion frameworks, and captivating activities.
 Choosing teams for games and activities .


122518: The Gospel Story by Colors Silicone Bracelet with Debossed Words
There are a whole series of bracelets and inexpensive gift ideas with this theme. Worth checking out.

It can be a simple way for kids to share Jesus with their non Christian friends.

The Gospel Story by Colors Silicone Bracelet with Debossed Words
By Christian Tools Affirmation

Affordable gift giving idea for church, parties, Sunday School, and treat baskets.
  • The Gospel Story by colors bracelet
  • Each color has a meaning and Scripture verse
  • Carded with colorful paints design
  • Approximately 2.5" in diameter
Black reminds us that our sin darkens our lives. Red is for the blood Jesus shed on the cross. Blue is for faith, White reminds us we are clean and forgiven in Christ. Green reminds us of growth in God's love. Yellow is for the promise of eternal life
Swirled shows sin separates us from God. Everyone sins. No one is perfect
Red is for Jesus' blood. Jesus died on the cross. His blood takes your sins away.
Blue is for faith. God gives eternal life to all who trust in Jesus as their Savior.
White means you are clean and forgiven. Jesus washes you clean. He makes your sins disappear.
Green is for growing in faith. You can learn about Jesus at church, at Sunday School, and in the Bible. When you know Jesus, he makes your faith grow.
Yellow means you get to go to heaven. Jesus is making a special place for YOU so someday you will live with him forever!
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421972: Groupbuilder Games and Activities for Youth Ministry Groupbuilder Games and Activities for Youth Ministry
By Group Publishing Inc

Building unity among teenagers is as easy as Ready...Set...Go with this must-have resource packed with cool youth games and activities with a purpose. Unique and loads of fun, these games and activities will help tear down walls and build community in any group of teenagers. Unlike other game books on the market, it emphasizes teamwork to build a stronger group and to shape self-confidence in teenagers.

Another Water Balloon game: The Water Balloon Shave

Break into teams of 3 kids, giving each team a water balloon covered in shaving cream and a single-edge safety razor. One team-member (the victim) sits in a chair. The second team member (the holder) holds the balloon above the seated team-member's head, while the third team-member gets to be "the shaver." The goal, of course, is to be the first team to completely shave the balloon.

This is a messy activity, so be prepared! When a balloon breaks, and it will, you will have water and shaving cream everywhere.

For extra fun, make sure to add a little nick to each razor's edge before hand. It's a guaranteed blast!

1700 free youth group game ideas at:
Egad! Extensive advice and ideas for games suitable for youth groups and adolescent or pre adolescent age groups.

768551: Full Tilt: Wacky Games That Teach God"s Word for Middle School Full Tilt: Wacky Games That Teach God's Word for Middle School
By David C. Cook

You got game!

Here are twenty-six creative activities to engage kids with fantastic Bible-focused, high-energy fun! Correlated with Bible-in-Life and Echoes curriculum for September 2008 through June 2009, this book is loaded with innovative ideas-including scripture references and teacher tips-and provides a great resource for alternative Step 3 activities. Or use it with your own lesson plans-this handy resource fits well with any curriculum or can be used as a stand-alone activity.

In Full Tilt you'll find page after page of wild and wacky games that middle-schoolers will just love playing. And while they're laughing and acting out, they'll also be learning God's Word, because every game in Full Tilt is based on Scripture. With themes for lessons, teacher tips, and Bible references, you've got an awesome youth ministry tool in hand!
Every youth leader has their favorite games. These are my favorite youth group games with web links and resources for thousands more. On my "Youth Group-Group Building" page I also offer tips on picking teams and building relationships through activities like games.
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