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Reckless Faith: When the Church Loses It's Will to Discern

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You wouldn't believe what the pastor said in his sermon today. Well, maybe you would. Everyone else seemed to be buying it just fine. I'm starting to wonder if discernment is dead in the church today. Paul foretold of this age in 2 Timothy 4:3-4 "For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths."

Discernment has been defined by some as "the ability to decide (right or wrong, true or false) concerning a testament or statement." Some have mistakenly thought that discernment is a Spiritual Gift bestowed only on chosen individuals. However, the only place the rest in my blog.
349092: The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment
By Tim Challies / Crossway Books & Bibles

Discernment - we all need it, it is much sought-after, but not many seem to want to go through the steps to get it. Much of the time this is because discernment is misunderstood. In this his first book, Tim Challies grapples with this problem head-on, and simplifies the process for those looking for a clear definition of what biblical discernment truly is.

Beginning with the clear scriptural mandate to be discerning, Challies encourages Christians to focus on what discernment is, what it means to committed Christians, and the consequences of not acquiring a mature ability to discern between right and wrong. In a world where truth is downplayed and ambiguity is embraced, discernment is indispensable to an active and engaged Christian faith.

Challies pulls no punches in outlining this defining characteristic of all mature Christians, giving its biblical basis and reasons for developing it. But he goes further to warn against the abuse or misuse of discernment - speaking the truth without love, elevating disputable doctrine to the level of critical doctrine, assigning guilt (or honor) by association, etc. - as well as giving a practical way to implement discernment. Concise, comprehensive and challenging, The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment will serve as a standard text on this subject for many Christians.

Discernment:youth bible lesson discernment

The goal of this lesson is instill a willingness in kids to become good at discernment: judging what they hear and deciding the truthfulness. Children, for the most part, have grown up trusting adults. In the secular world bullies, abuses of power, and the news, will quickly teach them not to trust politicians, people who purport themselves to be their friends, and even police. But evidently it seems like church goers will swallow anything a preacher or the latest Christian book tells them without considering it’s validity against the Scriptures.

This is a one-page youth Bible lesson with a pre-lesson game and leaders guide.

47260: Fool"s Gold? Fool's Gold?
By Edited by John MacArthur / Crossway Books & Bibles

It's easy to be dazzled by new Christian books, music, and trends---but God's Word makes it clear that all that glitters isn't gold! MacArthur and others urge believers to stop and pray before jumping on the latest bandwagon. Learn to develop a sense of biblical discernment and avoid doctrinal error, using Scripture as your guide. Order from Christian by clicking on the book.
951360: Counterfeit Gods: The False Promises of Money, Power, and Sex--and the Only Promise That Matters  
      Counterfeit Gods:
The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power--and the Only Hope That Matters

Spotting Counterfeits:
Sunday School Lesson Plan

The goal of this teen Bible study lesson is alert kids to the fact that false teachers exist. They should not take for grated that what every “Christian” teacher, preacher, or speaker says is automatically true simply because they are “Christian”. They need to become good judges of what they hear.

The lesson uses the example of Cat Tails which are edible and another plant that looks alike but is poisonous. There is also a pre-lesson activity suggested if you can get arrange.

It is a two page youth Bible lesson plan with pre-lesson activity and leaders guide. The activity will need some preparation but the lesson can be taught without it to eliminate prep time.

421503: Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe  

 Get your discernment on by discovering many commonly held misperceptions among Christians with these two books.  

921381: You Mean That Isn"t in the Bible? 10 Popular Beliefs That Simply Aren"t True 

765048: Be Alert (2 Peter, 2 & 3 John, Jude) Be Alert (2 Peter, 2 & 3 John, Jude)
By Warren Wiersbe / David C. Cook

The study guide for life's true or false questions.
The world is filled with counterfeits. And the church is not immune, as false ideas and doctrines can infect believers and congregations. So when it comes to spiritual teachers, messages, and movements, how can we tell fact from fiction? The answers are found in 2 Peter, 2 & 3 John, and Jude, where the apostles provide practical insights for discerning truth.

Part of Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe's best-selling "BE" commentary series, Be Alert has now been updated with study questions and a new introduction by Ken Bough. A respected pastor and Bible teacher, Dr. Wiersbe shares how to spot spiritual errors and fallacies. You'll discover foundational principles from God's word that will help you determine the true from the false.

Judging v.s. Judgmental also known as "Hippo-grits"

Many kids have heard the excuse “the church is full of hypocrites” leveled by their friends who don’t attend. Sometimes, in order to counteract looking hypocritical, a Christian will choose to suspend making any judgments at all. This Christian is easy prey to false teachers because they neglected to “judge” what they are hearing against the Word of Truth.

This is a good follow up lesson to “The Beauty Inside” where we talked about judging others on inner beauty or outward appearances. The kids
asked to look into this subject of judging in more detail.

hippo gritsThis is a one page Bible study lesson plan with leaders guide and "Hippo-grits" sign. You'll have to prepare ahead of time to make grits.


413261: Who Are You to Judge? Who Are You to Judge?
By Erwin W. Lutzer / Moody Publishers

After explaining the difference between judging and being judgmental, Lutzer guides Christians in discerning various critical issues, including miracles, matters of doctrine, and godly engagement with entertainment and culture. With a passion for biblical truth and intolerance for lies, Lutzer is compelling and gut-honest. Who Are You to Judge? calls us to not only embrace the truth, but also to live according to it, speaking the truth in love to a world so desperately in need of both.

317202: Don"t Check Your Brains at the Door  
Don't Check Your Brains at the Door gives teens answers that make sense, even for the toughest of questions.
  Josh McDowell

A word about "Legalism":

If the pendulum swings from not judging anything to judging everything there is a risk that a Christian might fall into the trap of legalism.  If a person takes a serious look at their inner selves compared to the laws and rules given throughout the Bible they will become very aware of their failure to keep the law. In this uncomfortable situation one might construct a sets of rules they can keep and thus restore a sense of self-righteousness and good conscience before God. Therefore, as good teachers we must make sure that the Gospel Of Grace if kept foremost in the mind of believers.

The Core Of Christianity: Rediscovering Authentic Unity And Personal Wholeness In Christ

The Core Of Christianity: Rediscovering Authentic Unity And Personal Wholeness In Christ

Neil Anderson offers wisdom and direction to bring certainty and focus to a believer's life. Neil Anderson has a passion for the church and a desire to encourage each Christian's personal journey closer to the heart of Jesus and His will. In his new book, Anderson addresses four tendencies that mislead Christians. He offers clear, biblical paths readers can follow to overcome. Legalism - by growing in knowledge of God's truth and practicing grace. Liberalism - by respecting authority of Scripture and refuting humanistic deception. Spiritism - by using spiritual discernment and resisting popular New Age beliefs and practices. False prophets - by relying on the Holy Spirit and not mistaking giftedness for divine authority. Readers will learn to avoid the pitfalls of worldly teachings as they study key verses, find balance between extremes, follow God's will, and embrace examples of Christ-centered living.




These youth Bible lessons will help the teens in your Christian youth group become aware that false-teachers and false-doctrines are prevalent in the Christian church today. These Sunday school lessons will encourage teens to take their faith seriously. My experience has been that once kids understand the importance of being able to judge what they hear they are willing to buckle down and read their Bibles in order to make right judgments.
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