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737072: The Way I"m Wired: Discovering Who God Make Me to Be--DVD Curriculum  

 The Way I'm Wired is a 6-week, biblically based DVD curriculum that will help your teenagers discover how they are wired and how they can cooperate with God to live the life they were meant to live. It goes well with the lessons on this page.
Sunday School Lesson Plans

Spiritual Gifts Teen Bible Lessons Page 6


I'm always looking for a little different angle of approach to your normal Sunday School lessons. Use the youth Bible studies on this page to help your kids realize that it's time for them to make a commitment to Christ and participate fully in "the body of Christ." It would be a mistake to assume that all of the kids in your Sunday School class are Christians just because they were brought up in a Christian home and/or come to church regularly.

Ready to print Sunday School lesson handouts for teens:

Possessed by "The" Spirit:
Sunday School Lesson Possed by The Spirit

The goal of this lesson is to give kids a different perspective on what is means to be a Christian. Instead of the usual “What can God do for me?” approach, this lesson focuses on what it means to be a possession of Christ and indwelt by the Holy Spirit. This lesson may cause some kids to re-examine their commitment to Christ while others might realize for the first time that this facet of commitment to Christ needs to be added to their faith. This is a one page lesson plan with a pre-lesson activity* and with leaders guide. I've left plenty of time to pursue the following suggestion:

At the completion of this lesson a clear statement of the Gospel message is needed with an opportunity to accept it. My suggestion is to use The Four Spiritual Laws, developed by Campus Crusade for Christ. You can down load it from this web link:

*Pre-lesson activity: I show a clip from the original Star Trek series where Captain Kirk gets inhabited by an alien. That seemed to be a weekly occurrence. Sometimes I will wear my Star Trek uniform. The kids get a good laugh but it sparks the conversation about being "possessed" or having one's personality taken over by a spirit. They think about what it really means to have been purchased by God and now they are owned. Here is a link to the episode if for some reason you don't already own it.

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This website is totally awesome for great answers to deep questions teens ask.

990199: Have You Heard of the Four Spiritual Laws?  Pack of 25 tracts Have You Heard of the Four Spiritual Laws? Pack of 25 tracts

Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, wrote the Four Spiritual Laws in order to provide believers with an excellent way to introduce people to Jesus Christ and God's plan of salvation. How to know that Christ is in your life, and suggestions for Christian growth are also given in this 15 page, pocket sized booklet. 25 booklets.

Sunday School Lesson on Baptism

The goal of this lesson is to give the kids a theological understanding of baptism. In addition we consider making a commitment to “the body of Christ”.

I encourage kids to consider being baptized. I suggest that they contact the pastor to begin the process. Sadly, some churches make this very hard and have lots of restrictions and requirements. If your students are determined, go to bat for them and plan a special baptism service. I do not suggest “rocking the boat” of your church's particular style or traditions surrounding baptism. However, I can tell you that kids this age can make a sincere decision to become an active member of the church family. This is a key element of their growth into mature participating members. Once a teen experiences ownership within the church they are far more apt to continue attending and participating in a church as they grow up.

This is a short one page lesson with a water-balloon activity. It makes for a fun outdoor lesson on a hot summer day. Pepper the back of the Sunday school lesson plan with pictures of the kids.

Follow up with the lesson on Spiritual Gifts below.





This book is quoted in the lesson. Get a copy by clicking here.

021436X: Disappointment with God  
   Disappointment with God by Philip Yancey handles the tough question with theological accuracy.

Spiritual Gifts or Super Powers:
Sunday School Lesson Plan Spiritual Gifts

The goal of this lesson is to give the kids an accurate overview of spiritual gifts and how the Holy Spirit uses them today. This is a two page lesson plan with teachers guide. You should order the Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire to go along with the teaching.

This lesson was born from my disappointment with churches that tend to emphasize the mystical gifts of healing, speaking in tongues, miracles in an effort to better their lives or bring a sense of spiritual excitement to a congregation where none exists. It's a shame that people don't think they have any spiritual gifts because they assume that's reserved for the flashy showmen on stage.

Most kids don’t believe that they have any spiritual gifts. Boy, are they shocked when they find out they already do. You can see their brains light up with possibilities of serving God and their church with their special gifts.

It's not too early to give the spiritual questionnaire shown below to the kids.

798345: Finding Your Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire, updated and expanded edition: The Easy to Use, Self-Guided Questionnaire Finding Your Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire, updated and expanded edition: The Easy to Use, Self-Guided Questionnaire
By C. Peter Wagner / Chosen Books

A proven guide to discovering and using your spiritual gifts---now updated! This easy-to-follow questionnaire helps church members, group leaders, teachers, and pastors discover which of the 28 biblical gifts God has given them. Clear summaries, Scripture references, and descriptions make this a ministry tool no congregation should be without.
This teen Bible lesson on Spiritual Gifts is the most often downloaded Sunday school lesson on this website. Coupled with the Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire you'll get a great picture of the areas of your kids interests and giftedness. This will be a helpful guide in planning areas of growth for your youth ministry and direction of your future youth Bible study.
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