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In this movie the characters discuss how they got their Native American names. These names are there identities. While some of the movie is not suitable for younger kids the part about their names is a great illustration for this lesson or my lesson "Taking His Name."
Sunday School Lesson Plans
Internet savvy teens are hungry for right relationships. Many are searching on-line for free Bible study resources offering direction. I welcome these spiritually thirsty teenagers with enthusiasm and excitement.  Please download these free teen Bible study lessons, work through them and e-mail me with questions or thoughts.

Teen Bible study lessons on relationships Page 8


Love Machines:
teen bible study on biblical love relationships

The goal of this lesson is get kids to realize: 1. The Bible is primarily a book about LOVE. 2. That they’re relationship with God is as unique as they are. However they relate to and worship God is OK. They do not need to fit into a “cookie-cutter” mold of what a “Christian” is supposed to look like. They were created especially like they are to have a special relationship with God unique to them.

Kids are very self conscious and want to fit in. It can be confusing for them to see someone in a worship service raising their hands, singing with eyes closed, in rapt spirituality when they don't feel that way. It's tough when parents insist they stand and sing when they don't want too. They need to understand that it's OK to worship in different ways. This is a good lesson for boys especially to show them that it is OK to love God in masculine ways.

This is a one page teen Bible study lesson plan with leaders guide and pre-lesson activity.

One Minute Bible by the Case - Physical

One Minute Bible by the Case

Case includes 30 One Minute Bible for Students .You've committed yourself to more Bible reading plans than you care to admit and you're 187 chapters behind in your latest attempt. If this sounds familiar, then the One Minute Bible for Students is what you need to get back and stay on track. Do the math. There are 1400 minutes in a day. It will take you One Minute to read a passage of Scripture. "Hey, that's doable!" Additionally, veteran youth pastor Doug Fields has contributed some great insights to help you apply these short, one minute Scripture readings to your every day life. Special one minute features include: devotionals, commentary, theological words defined in simple terms, personality profiles, unique, weird, and humorous facts. . . all designed to help you discover and fall in love with God's love letter to you. The great thing about the One Minute Bible for Students is that you will never again get stuck in Leviticus for forty years. The One Minute Bible for Students moves you through the entire Bible from Creation to the return of Jesus in just ONE YEAR! The One Minute Bible for Students won't replace your Bible. It will inspire you to take side trips into your Bible to see what came before and what comes after the passage you just read. These bite-size servings of Scripture are sure to increase your appetite for God's Word. Let the feast begin!

I Am God's Son: i_am_gods_son

More than any other Christian message, the knowledge that I was God's son lifted my self esteem and helped me survive the tough middle-school years.

Often times, especially in smaller schools, a child will be given a nickname (not always a nice one) that describes what the others think of them. This can be a positive or negative thing, but they may believe it is their identity.  I use a clip from the movie, Dances With Wolves (shown on the left), where the main character is given his name by the members of the Indian tribe.

This is a simple lesson with a powerful message. It might not mean a lot to them now but the Holy Spirit will use it just when the time is right. The goal of this lesson is to etch their identity as a Child of God into their memories as a foundational truth about their lives.

This is a one page teen Bible lesson plan with a pre--lesson activity and leaders guide. When you make copies of the lesson pepper the back of the lesson page with photo's you've taken of the kid's in your group.  

Follow up with my teen Bible study lesson  "Conviction or Condemnation". If you're using this teen Bible study lesson on self-esteem around Christmas time pass out my Who I Am In Christ Christmas Tree as a concrete reminder of their Identity in Christ they can take home.

28902: Who I Am in Christ Who I Am in Christ
By Neil T. Anderson / Gospel Light

Embark on a Scripture-based journey that reveals and defines your special place in God's family. This inspiring devotional delivers a warm and embracing reminder that God's love for you is unconditional and the gift of life-which He freely gives to all who accept Christ-comes with no strings attached and lasts for eternity.
I really enjoyed this book.
74306: My Family: Middle School Survival Series  

For middle school students, everything is changing--their body, their emotions, their school, and maybe even their friends are different. Now their parents and siblings are trying to figure out why they're different, and your students wish they could be understood. This book will give them secrets and tips that will reveal how they can help to make their family even better.

Families: Getting Along:
Sunday School Lesson Plan familie relationships

The goal of this lesson is to help the kids get along with their siblings. We apply Biblical principles and look at some family situations mentioned in the Bible.

This is a two page teen Bible study lesson plan with a pre-lesson activity.
You'll need two rolls of duct tape -always a fun one for kids.

In My Family (shown on the left) you'll get all kinds of secrets and tips that will help you be a better son or daughter or brother or sister and show you how you can help to make your family even better. Click on the book picture for more information on My Family.

7382X: My Faith: Middle School Survival Series My Faith: Middle School Survival Series
By Mark Oestreicher & Kurt Johnson / Zondervan Youth Specialties

Life can be hard. Especially when you're in middle school. It also can be hard to understand what your faith is all about--and keep it strong when you face the trials and temptations that come along with being a teenager.

My Faith will give you all the tips and secrets you need to really grasp your faith and keep hold of it. You'll get the inside scoop on things like God's story, the Bible, faith and doubt, church, and what it means to be a Christian. This book is filled with short and fun-to-read devotional-style pointers along with humorous stories from the authors. Plus there are quotes and questions from students just like you. After reading My Faith, you'll be ready to face the challenges of middle school with a strong faith.

At this age a teens primary relationship shifts from parents to others. Make sure that shift is directed to a relationship with God. These teen Bible study lessons also cover sibling rivalry.
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