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Teaching Sunday School Using drawing

Plus other fun methods of teaching the Bible.

christmas bible lesson

Fun Youth Group Lesson: Teaching Through Murals

This youth group lesson idea can be used for just about any lesson you want to teach. I use this method mostly for teaching a passage in the Bible, like The Exodus, or The Christmas Story.

Here's the plan: Get a long strip of white butcher paper (about eighteen inches per kid). Have plenty of colored markers, felt tip pens, and crayons ready. Pin or tape the butcher paper to a flat wall at the kids eye level. Give each kid a piece of paper containing a verse or verses that is easily drawn as a picture.  
Example: To teach the Christmas story use sections of Luke 2:8, " And there were shepherds living out in the fields..." Suggest that this teen draw shepherds and a flock of sheep. The next kid would draw the "heavenly host", the next the manger scene, etc. While they drew I added things like clouds, sky, a road, trees, etc to connect the scenes. Let them draw for about 20 minutes then start at the beginning of the line and have each kid read their verses to the rest of the kids and show their illustration. By the end they will have learned the Christmas story and created a master piece of artwork they will be proud of. Move the masterpiece to the top edge of the wall. After several lessons your entire youth room will be ringed by illustrated Bible lessons that they'll remember.

For the Christmas story I printed the passages I wanted then taped these along the bottom edge of the mural. Here is the .pdf of the text ready to use.  We made it in the lobby. I had the kids sign their names. The congregation appreciatively viewed their masterpiece on the way out of church. Parents eagerly looked for their kids contribution. Younger teenagers actually love doing this. The older teenagers are a bit reluctant. For them, and for those who have no drawing skills, I printed out some coloring pages from Free Coloring Pages website that matched the Bible story. They sat at the table and colored while chatting. Then we trimmed their drawings and pasted them to the mural.

Here's twelve more similar Sunday School lesson plans.

Boardwalk B1840900 Butcher Paper Roll 18 x 900ft White

Butcher Paper Roll 18 x 900ft White

Plain butcher paper is hard to find. The grocery store used to give it away but now it's covered with their logos.  Here is a website to get different sizes from.

Strong White, all purpose butcher paper can also be used for disposable table covers. Several sizes available.

464590: Reach Out Student Devotional  
Many students are intimidated by the idea of sharing their faith with friends. Reach Out will help you as a youth worker effectively address the topic of evangelism and spur your teenagers toward a greater passion for sharing their faith.

Letting them teach:

As a closer to the year (the Sunday after Christmas) I celebrate "Boxing-day". This is actually a real holiday in some countries, celebrated in different ways. One way is for the boss to trade places for the day with an employee (not a popular TV show).

In my case I have the kids become the teacher and the teacher becomes the student.  I encourage each kid to come prepared to do a five minute presentation on the most significant Bible verse, faith lesson, or spiritual growth from the past year. They also have to bring me a snack since I've been bringing them the snack for the past year.

I have a backup lesson ready to go, and a game, just in case.

670773: Ministry by Teenagers: Developing Leaders from Within

Ministry by Teenagers: Developing Leaders from Within
By Jonathan McKee & David R. Smith / Youth Specialties

Jonathan McKee, president of The Source for Youth Ministry, is the author of numerous youth ministry books including: Connect: Real Relationships in a World of Isolation, and the award winning book Do They Run When They See You Coming?

"What if we pour into these young teenage leaders, disciple them, and do ministry alongside of them instead of for them? What if we ease back on our ministry to teenagers, supplementing it with more ministry by teenagers?"

 Make your own sock puppets with the kids then make skits. Video tape the skits and play them back for the kids. We laughed so hard our sides hurt.

424588: Instant Puppet Skits: 20 Stories From People Who Met Jesus  


Use Puppets to illustrate a Bible passage.

You might think your kids are too old for puppets but it can still be tons of fun. Let them develop a skit to illustrate a Bible passage and then put on a puppet show for the rest of the group. Supply them with a handful of puppet characters or make your own.  They laughed so hard I was afraid they'd choke on their powered donuts.

442315: Acting Out: 20 Skits for Teenagers to Illustrate God"s Word, with CDROM Acting Out: 20 Skits for Teenagers to Illustrate God's Word, with CDROM
By Bryan Belknap / Group Publishing

Replace dreary skits with 20 creative ones that will communicate God's timeless truths to teens! Providing the tools you need to build a drama team, this resource also includes discussion questions for each script to get your students talking and applying what they learn. Includes a CD-ROM with training videos to help you film the performances.
409194: Walking the Bible: A Journey by Land Through the Five  Books of Moses, DVD  

Walking the Bible follows author Bruce Feiler on his quest to explore the stories of the Bible in a trek across the Middle East. This DVD helps kids picture the settings in which the Bible was written.


442827: 101 Hymn Stories: The Inspiring True Stories Behind 101 Favorite Hymns  

101 Hymn Stories: The Inspiring True Stories Behind 101 Favorite Hymns 

Helping kids understand Biblical culture and geographical area:

The DVD shown at the left is a great asset for helping kids understand the culture and geography where the Bible stories took place. There are three one-hour episodes that cover the stories from the first five books of the Bible. Made for PBS, it's not completely theologically accurate but it is really great to help them envision the settings and cultures of the Bible stories.

When reading the Bible we automatically fill in the scene using our imagination. Being able to properly envision the scene or setting helps to properly understand what the author is trying to tell us.

Teaching with Love and Logic; Taking Control of the Classroom

Teaching With Love & Logic: Taking Control Of The Classroom

My wife and I learned the Love & Logic techniques of parenting to help raise our kids. It worked very well. I naturally brought these same techniques into my interactions with all the kids in my life. Because I maintained the respect of the kids in my Sunday school classes I have been able to have an effective ministry in their lives. Even with the tough kids. Those tough relationships have actually turned out to be some of the most rewarding.

I strongly recommend this book. Click on the book to order from Barnes & Nobel.For more on classroom or group discipline methods.


Teaching Theology Through Hymns

Christian hymns are often based directly on scripture or a specific belief. Those of us who grew up signing hymns in church remember the words decades later.  This is a great way to help children memorize scripture. You do not need an entire worship band to sing a hymn. Many hymns are meant to be sung without instruments. The link below is a DVD of 80 hymns you can sing along to.
562156: The Kids Hymnal Sing-Along DVD The Kids Hymnal Sing-Along DVD

Everybody can participate with this wonderful complement to The Kids Hymnal! Loaded with 80 hymns, praise and worship selections, Scripture songs, kids' favorites and seasonal classics, you'll see the lyrics for each song over a coordinating background on your TV screen so kids of all ages can sing along! It's perfect for children's choirs, Sunday school sing-alongs, children's church, or family fun at home! Please see "Back Cover" above for complete list of songs.
Most denominations have their own specific hymnal that incorporates their individual worship styles and theological viewpoints. Many hymns can be seasonal, rich in tradition, and reflect church history. Knowing the story behind the hymn (link left) will help the kids value their beliefs. Hymns will help them worship God.
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