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428739: Share Jesus Without Fear CD  
 CD is just $2.99.
   Bill Fay's sharing style can give kids the confidence they need to take the opportunities to share their faith.
18393: Share Jesus without Fear  
Sunday School Lesson Plans

Free Sunday School Lessons For Teenagers

Ten More Pages of free Sunday school lesson plans, Just hit the NEXT button.

I have never found a Sunday School curriculum that I like so I make my own lesson plan each week. Far from the "bubblegum" Sunday School lessons frequently found at your local bookstore, these Youth Group Lesson plans handle serious doctrinal issues in a way that kids can understand.

These Christian Sunday School lessons are tailored to the Middle School age youth group but can be adapted and taught many ways (see my suggestions). Each has been taught and refined several times. Many include activities or games that help drive home the lesson. All include a leaders guide. The list is in no particular order.

While the Sunday School Lessons for teenagers are free to use, please respect my copyrights by leaving the credit statement on the sheet when you make copies for your class. I'd love to get your feedback (e-mail).

If supplies are needed for the lessons I have provided links to sources for those supplies for your convenience. I hope these lessons enhance your youth ministry experience.

Lesson Plan worksheet
A Pattern for Faith The goal of this Sunday School lesson is to instill the core belief that The Holy Bible is a trustworthy pattern for our faith. This lesson presents the internal-proof that the Bible is the unchanging, infallible word of God.

It is a one page, color lesson plan with a pre-lesson activity that makes the point. About 15 minutes for the activity and 15 minutes for the lesson. The activity takes some pre-planning.

890799: Real Conversations: A DVD Study: Sharing Your Faith Without Being Pushy Real Conversations: A DVD Study: Sharing Your Faith Without Being Pushy
By Jonathan McKee / Zondervan

In this DVD and combination participant's guide/leader's guide (sold separately), you'll find everything you need to train your teenagers to reach out to share their faith with their friends without scaring them away. In four sessions, Jonathan McKee teaches simple and relevant evangelism principles for students. Each session includes creative interviews and sketches to illustrate the points, along with breakout questions to help facilitate discussions and drive the lessons home. 4 Sessions; 60 Total Minutes.

Helping Christian Teens Share Their Faith

Here are several great methods I've used to help kids share their faith.  Sharing their faith is of intense interest to every Christian teenager I've met. Once they get started the results are startling.


466700: Evange Phobia: Face Your Fears & Fuel Your Passion, Student Devotional Evange Phobia: Face Your Fears & Fuel Your Passion, Student Devotional
By Greg Stier / Group Publishing

What frightens you? Heights, spiders, clowns . . . evangelism? Greg Stier helps teens and youth leaders overcome their phobias and cultivate a passion for sharing the gospel. You'll learn to face fear, pray for friends, and tell the story of what God has done for you. Includes DVD with four 6-minute presentations, and CD-ROM with discussion guides, promotional materials, and more.

How to Share Your FaithSharing Your Faith Without An Argument:

This method of evangelism was pioneered by Bill Fay. He now calls it: Share Jesus Without Fear. I teach this method of evangelism to the kids because it's very easy. Almost every time I teach it someone in the class surrenders their life to Jesus for the first time. We usually experience a jump in attendance as kids begin sharing and inviting their friends to the group. I suggest purchasing a quantity of the Bible shown in the left column for the kids to use as sharing Bibles.

Click here to download the .pdf of my lesson plan.
I have tried to get permission to use the same title but no one ever calls me back -so here it is until someone asks me to stop.

Here is a link to Bill Fay's website: click here He is available for speaking engagements for very reasonable costs.

Click on the book in the left column to buy Bill Fay's book. I recommend getting Bill Fay's CD of his presentation. Click on the CD cover in the left column to order. It'll get you excited to teach the lesson and help your delivery of the material so the kids get excited too.

Here is a link to RBC Ministries to upload a free copy of Bill's booklet describing in more detail this method of sharing: click here. Order free copies of the booklet: click here.

Note: Of course this isn't the only method of sharing your faith, but it's one way, and it works. Different people have different sharing styles. Click here for a pdf to download on evangelistic styles. (Again, I apologize to whoever wrote it. It's been so long I can't remember where it comes from. If it's yours, let me know immediately. Wouldn't want to infringe on a copyright.)

410874: NIV Shirt Pocket New Testament, Imitation Leather,      Burgundy  

NIV Shirt Pocket
New Testament
Give these easily carried Bibles to each student when setting up a sharing Bible. Always keep extra copies available and encourage them to give their copy to the person they've shared with.


Give your kids tools to help them talk to their friends about Jesus.

735052: Are You Going to Heaven?, Redesign, Pack of 25 Tracts  

  Here is a source for evangelism tracts you can handout. Pack of 25 for just $2.49
150887: Soul Surfer: Catch God"s Wave For Your Life DVD-Based Study Soul Surfer: Catch God's Wave For Your Life DVD-Based Study
By Outreach Inc

With its encouraging portrayal of family values, and its uplifting message, the Soul Surfer movie and church campaign is the ultimate combination of faith, film, and family! Through the campaign, congregations will gain a greater perspective on life, better understand the importance of having family support when life gets tough, be inspired to persevere in the face of adversity, and be challenged to embrace God's plans for their lives.

The Soul Surfer DVD Kit Study includes:
  • Heart of a Soul Surfer Documentary PLUS clips for each weeks lesson
  • A study guide featuring Bible verses, insights, and thought-provoking discussion questions for each week
  • A leader’s guide with customized sections for small group leaders, parents, and youth leaders
  • Access to online movie clips from Soul Surfer
  • CD-ROM with games & activities

Becoming A Contagious Christian:

This is a great course for teaching your whole church how to share their faith. I have taught is several times and someone comes to Christ in every class. I have also used this method successfully. It has just become part of my life. There is also a teens version.  There are many methods of teaching this course. I have done it as a Saturday event, a weekly small group, and a weekend retreat. It is easily adaptable and the video tape makes sure the teaching is top notch.

Here's another of my favorite evangelism training courses.

Again, someone comes to Christ in every class.

There are participants books and leaders guide.

257859: Becoming a Contagious Christian Curriculum Kit: Communicating Your Faith in a Style That Fits You Becoming a Contagious Christian Curriculum Kit: Communicating Your Faith in a Style That Fits You
By Zondervan

Freshly revised and updated! Featuring new footage from Bill Hybels and Mark Mittelberg---with appearances by fellow apologist and best-selling author Lee Strobel---this 6-session course equips you to effectively share the gospel in a way that "fits" the unique personality God gave you. Set includes leader's guide, participant's guide, two DVDs, PowerPoint CD-ROM, and softcover book.

This version is great for kids.

It's a well thought out method with great support materials.

You can teach it several different ways.

Kids really appreciate being taught how to share their faith.

37734: Becoming a Contagious Christian Student Edition  Participants Guide Becoming a Contagious Christian Student Edition Participants Guide
By Zondervan

Christ urged his disciples to focus on the unsaved, not keeping the existing disciples happy and content. While those things should come with any successful outreach, modern-day preservation techniques can sometimes crowd out the Great Commission's mandate. The system (from the book by Bill Hybels and Mark Mittelberg) has been completely reenvisioned for young people by Bo Boshers and offers Christians a hands-on way of developing their own style of evangelism. Becoming a Contagious Christian youth edition curriculum works with any size group and can be presented successfully in many formats. This is the participant's guide.


3218EB: Evangelism Remixed: Empowering Students for Courageous& Contagious Faith - eBook  
Empowering students for courageous and contagious faith.

Wearing Christian Themed apparel is a great way to share the Gospel message:

A recent survey by Christian apparel-maker Kerusso Christian Clothing found that:

98% of those wearing a Christian-themed T-shirt intend to grab the attention of non-believers.
58% of those said a non-believer actually asked them about the message on their shirt.
44% said they shared their faith because they were wearing a Christian-themed T-shirt.
7.4% reported that the person they shared with made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior immediately from that discussion.

464590: Reach Out Student Devotional Reach Out Student Devotional
By Greg Stier / Group Publishing

Do you ever find yourself getting nervous about sharing Jesus with others? Don't be-you're not alone, Jesus is there to share this with you and so are millions of other teens! Jam-packed with true stories from other teens, tips on what to do, and strategies that work, this 30-day devotional will help you gain the confidence and inspiration you need. Face down your fears and start on this great adventure! Don't freak out—reach out!
Over 30 Free Sunday school lessons for teenagers for you to use, many with reinforcing activities. Christians teenagers will naturally have discussions with their classmates and friends about faith issues. These youth ministry resources will help teenagers share their faith without an argument.
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