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Many kids are not aware that their actions could be considered bullying. A siblings constant picking on their younger sib can actually inflict serious emotional damage.  Chap Clark, in his book, "Disconnected" (link below) says young adolescence "are just becoming somewhat aware that their lives impact others even as others impact them, but they don't have the energy or resources to care."

Anti-Bullying Resources

There are two avenues to approach the crisis of bullying. The first is to raise the kids awareness about what constitutes bullying. The second is to give those being bullied the emotional resources to withstand the constant attacks.

Bullies Of The Bible:
bullies of the Bible

There are lots of examples of bullies in the Bible. Being a Christian has always marked a person as different. This lesson uses the examples of King Saul and David, and Zacchaeus. We discuss what constitutes bullying and why Christian kids are often the target of bullies. We consider Paul's direction to become imitators of God by being kind, compassionate, and forgiving.

This is a one page Bible lesson worksheet but you should allow 45 minutes for discussion.

291947: What Do I Do When: Teenagers Encounter Bullying and Violence? What Do I Do When: Teenagers Encounter Bullying and Violence?
By Youth Specialties

Explore bullying, violence, and aggression from the perspective of the victim and the aggressor. Discover how theology informs the issue, and what practical actions you can take to help stop the violence and heal the pain. Paperback.

Dealing With Bullies:
dealing with bullies

The Bible offers many great precepts for dealing with bullies and angry people. In this Bible lesson for teens we study how David, a lowly shepherd boy, deals with the epic bully Goliath. We do not recommend that kids hit a bully in the head with a rock but to "strengthen themselves in the Lord" (1 Samuel 30:6) as David did. The Bible actually more often suggests love, self-discipline, gentle answers, and choosing good friends. We encourage our kids to be sensitive to their consciences being influenced by the Holy Spirit. David also leaves revenge and justice in the hands of The Lord.

This Sunday school lesson is a good follow-up lesson to Bullies Of The Bible, shown above. It's a one page Bible lesson plan but you'll need at least 45 minutes.

733218: Girl Politics, Revised Edition: Friends, Cliques, and Really Mean Chicks Girl Politics, Revised Edition: Friends, Cliques, and Really Mean Chicks
By Nancy Rue / ZonderKidz

Help your girls learn the ins and outs of girl politics and discover some helpful ways to deal with the hardships of girls, friendships, bullies, and more! This revised edition features a helpful guide from author Nancy Rue on how to deal with girl politics, God-style. Includes quizzes, crafts, advice from real girls, and so much more. Recommended for ages 8+.

Raising awareness to stop bullying:

Here is a link to a great website for resources concerned with bullying specifically for teen girls. "Many young women are bullies", the site states, "both in school and outside of school." The site supplies a bully quiz. Having kids think about whether their actions have ever repeatedly hurt someone can bring a new level of self-awarness that will decrease the amount of bullying in our schools today. Christian kids, having the Holy Spirit in their hearts, will quickly make the changes necessary to "love one another."  Frequently, they just need a simple "heads-up" to take note of their actions.

Here is a great link for Christian advice on how to deal with difficult people. Another good website is Teach Safe    Another solid 5 part blog with good information of bullying.

43364: No More Bullies: For Those Who Wound and Are Wounded  
In this powerful book, Frank Peretti shares his deeply personal story of growing up different, and the persecution he suffered because of it.


357020: To Save A Life, Blu-ray  

Addressing the real-life challenges of teens and choices they face, To Save A Life dares to ask, “What’s your life going to be about?”

  A gripping story on DVD.
27351EB: Cyberbullying: Bullying in the Digital Age - eBook  

Cyberbullying: Bullying in the Digital Age - eBook 

78822: My School Middle School Survival Series My School Middle School Survival Series
By Kurt Johnston & Mark Oestreicher / Zondervan

Piles of homework are just the beginning---add bullying, changing classrooms, and notorious phys. ed. courses, and middle school can get pretty scary. Johnston and Oestreicher show your students how to interact with different personalities; reveal the truth behind exaggerated or false "urban legends"; and offer survival tips on pop quizzes, tardiness, and other panic-inducing moments. 144 pages, softcover from Zondervan.

Cyber-bullying and Sexting:

Kids and adults alike have always had to deal with bullies in one form or another. What makes bullying more damaging these days is the advent of the internet and cell phone. Cyberbullying is hurting someone else over and over again through the Internet or a cell phone. Before a student harassed at school could find rest at home. Now the Internet and Cell phone have allowed bullying to be carried out non stop. Rumors posted on Facebook, embarrassing photos, angry e-mails, and vulgar twitter messages all contribute to a bullying epidemic.  Sadly our teens are paying a heavy price

If you are a teacher or involved with kids in any capacity you owe it to the kids to become informed about this threat and how to handle it. To read more visit my blog.

Burst: Bullies and Mean Girls Leader's Guide: Short-Term Teen Studies

Burst: Bullies and Mean Girls Leader's Guide: Short-Term Teen Studies

Burst: Bullies and Mean Girls Leader's Guide: Short-Term Teen Studies

BURST: Bullies and Mean Girls addresses issues all-too familiar to today's youth. From the girls who use gossip to the boys who use physical threats (and vice versa), bullying is as rampant as ever. More information out there via social networking, texting, and even sexting means todays teens are vulnerable in new dangerous ways. This resource will be a short-term study on the relationships that use power to define roles in negative ways so that youth group participants will be able to identify, avoid, and heal from harmful situations while learning more about God's love for them and hopes for their lives.

Visit this link to review a definitive study by Harris Interactive commissioned by MaCafee entitled "Youth Online Behavior." Some of their interesting conclusions include: Boys are far more likely to be the perp and victim of physical bullying than girls. Girls are more likely to be victims of cyberbullying.

The Cyberbullying Research Center is dedicated to providing up-to-date information about the nature, extent, causes, and consequences of cyberbullying among adolescents. 

915710: How to Stay Christian in High School, Revised Edition How to Stay Christian in High School, Revised Edition
By Steve Gerali / NavPress

Peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, sexual temptation, academic honesty---it isn't easy being Christian in high school. How can teens deal with complex issues without compromising their faith? Drawing on stories of biblical young people like Daniel, Mary, and Timothy, Gerali shows how meeting today's challenges by following Christ pays off in the end!

Youth Bible Lessons that strengthen Christian kids against bullying:

Discussing bullying in your middle school Sunday school class helps kids feel that you are connected in a relative way to their everyday situations. It lets them know that there is one more supportive adult they can turn to for advice and wisdom. However, a single Bible lesson on Bullying will not provide the silver-bullet to vanquish the problem of bullying. Kids will be dealing with angry people and bullies all of their lives. Read the rest on my blog: Helping teens deal with bullies.

1 Samuel 30:6 "But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God."

Strengthening the kids in there faith will provide them the personal convictions necessary to stand up to attacks and harassment their whole lives. These lessons help do that:

The Beauty Inside, Conviction or Condemnation, I Am God's Son, In His Image

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