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627815: Cracking Your Church"s Culture Code: Seven Keys to Unleashing Vision & Inspiration  

Cracking Your Church's Culture Code
Helps you understand your church's methods and apply practical strategies to make their culture more positive. 

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650545: Youth Pastor: The Theology and Practice of Youth Ministry  

Youth Pastor: The Theology & Practice Of Youth Ministry
Provides a biblical and theological grounding for the many jobs a youth minister does. Very interesting and encouraging.
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3434EB: Inside the Mind of Youth Pastors: A Church Leader"s Guide to Staffing and Leading Youth Pastors - eBook  

In this practical book for church leaders, you'll discover how to develop a healthy and sustainable student ministry that includes encouraging your youth pastor, engaging teens, and involving parents. Whether you already have a youth pastor or are just beginning your search, this book will help you set up your student ministry and youth pastor for health and longevity.

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21328: Help! I"m a Junior High Youth Worker!  
Help! I'm a Junior High Youth Worker!
Short, helpful concepts filled with quotes and tips, a primer for understanding young teenagers and teaching them with methods and programs that fit them.

Help and encouragement for Christian Youth Ministry Leaders
Download Thirty Teen Sunday School lesson worksheets FREE.

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Did you know that over 70% of youth groups are under 15 kids? Even though your youth group is small you have been given an important ministry by being a mentor to these kids. What a legacy you, as a Sunday school teacher, will have as the years go by and the kids you've loved grow into adults. The youth ministry you do will touch hundreds of lives and families even if your Sunday school class has only a few attendees right now.

Be consistent, continue to grow spiritually yourself, and build a team that can keep going even if you move on. Grow your library of resources and connect with other youth ministry leaders.

Be balanced in your approach. You might have great evangelistic gifts but your kids might have other spiritual gifts. Discover what their gifts are and help them develop those gifts. Expose them to all of the fundamentals of Christian service but give them opportunities to serve in a way that energizes them.

651932: Me I Want to Be, Teen Edition Curriculum Kit, The: Becoming God"s Best Version of You

A new 5-week curriculum based on John Ortberg's best selling book shown below. Reg $47.99

Now Just: $30.00

Me I Want to Be, Teen Edition Curriculum Kit, The: Becoming God's Best Version of You
By John Ortberg / Youth Specialty

There is a God (it isn't you). Your life is a project (it isn't yours). The real you is waiting (it isn't hard).

Ortberg has some intriguing answers to those questions in this book and video-based experience. Follow along as he helps you gauge your spiritual health through interactive video discussions, questions, and group exercises that deal with real issues you face as a teen in today's world.

The Curriculum Kit Contains: 1 softcover book, 1 participant's guide (also available for each group member), 1 DVD with five video sessions (also available for each group).

The 5 sessions include: 1. Discovering the Spirit; 2. Renewing my mind;
3. Redeeming my time; 4. Deepening my relationships;
5. Transforming my experiences
671121: Me I Want to Be, Teen Edition, The: Becoming God"s Best Version of You Me I Want to Be, Teen Edition, The: Becoming God's Best Version of You
By John Ortberg / Youth Specialty

Every aspect of your teens' life is growing and changing---including their faith. But now is the time for them to become God's best version of themselves! Encouraging young adults to personally reflect on their lives, Ortberg teaches them to be thriving Christ-followers by exploring their mind, time, experiences, relationships, and the world today.

New Page added: Discernment, New lesson too.

Christian kids get picked on at school because they don't participate
in the wrong activities the other kids do. They are not alone:

1Peter 4:4 "They think it strange that you do not plunge with them into the same
flood of dissipation, and they heap abuse on you."

Anti-Bullying Resources

Teen Sunday School lessons: Bullies of the Bible and Dealing With Bullies

3972EB: The Youth Worker Book of Hope: True Stories of Brokenness and Healing - eBook The Youth Worker Book of Hope: True Stories of Brokenness and Healing - eBook
By Edited by Tim Baker / Zondervan/Youth Specialties

Is your youth ministry taking a toll on you physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, or even financially? Here's help! In this encouraging collection of real-life stories, expert advice from youth ministers from across the country will help you constructively deal with burnout, run-ins with parents, loneliness, and more. Open your heart to God's ever-present encouragement and support!

Youth worker burnout will rear it's ugly head eventually. The underlying cause is usually not paying attention to your own spiritual well being. Too much out, not enough in. You can run full speed for only so long. It might be time to take a spiritual retreat. Take this book along.

It's easy to say yes to too many things. With the perennial budget crisis in every church most leadership boards and pastors just assume the associate pastor or youth ministry leader has extra time on their hands. Visit my Youth Ministry Tips page for additional help combating burnout. party supply is a family-owned, party supplies and decorations store. Shop their mega warehouse of over 36,000 theme party supplies, birthday party supplies, and holiday party supplies. Coordinate personalized banners with party favors with sensational party decorations. Collect ideas on decorating with party tableware, gossamer, and balloons.

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Sunday School is still the perfect time to have a middle school age Bible class: Why:

There's no need to crack open a time in their busy schedule during the week for a youth group meeting. They are already here.
You have a willing audience -just look at the kids faces as they sit thru another sermon aimed at adults. They would rather be anywhere else. You can actually effect their church attendance when they are adults.

The "worship" time is a solid family experience that kids enjoy. You won't need to duplicate that. Kids will actually be more willing to participate in other aspects of the church service like baptisms and communion. All you need to do is teach a Bible based lesson using one of my Bible Lesson Plans or use one of the other fine lesson resources listed here.

The church will grow: Kids are natural evangelists. Word will spread that their church experience is great. Kids will want to attend. Parents with kids this age will be thrilled. More families will come -guaranteed.

You don't need to be an amazing, energetic youth leader to make an amazing difference in the lives of the kids and families.

757734: Youth Ministry: What"s Gone Wrong and How to Get it Right

Current Youth Ministry practices have not only forgotten about Sunday School but have denied it's value altogether.

Forget the "flashy" youth program. Just teach the Bible!

Youth Ministry: What's Gone Wrong and How to Get it Right
By David Olshine / Abingdon Press
Reaching young people is still possible.
The Youth Ministry "movement" has become a monument. Youth leaders are doing so much work, and it all seems worthy. It's big, important stuff. But leaders across the nation quietly suspect that the more we do, the less effective we seem to be in reaching young people. All those retreats and camps, books and seminars, conferences and leadership symposiums - what difference do they make in young lives today?

As technology accelerates, spiritual apathy increases. Young people are biblically illiterate, bored, and find the church to be irrelevant. Parents are frustrated. Youth leaders are burned out. And high school and college students - if they ever attended - are leaving the church by the droves.

What on earth has gone wrong?

Youth Ministry shines a revealing light on standard youth ministry practices, and helps the reader to see what needs to change. The book is full of practical ideas that work in real churches, and includes 'voices from the trenches' - perspectives from current youth ministry leaders.

Deep down inside, young people want life to matter. The church has something important to offer, but we have to start getting it right.

Shiny Penny Kids: shinny penny
The kids in my current Sunday school class are all great kids: Good grades, well behaved, two parent households, attend church regularly, lots of after school activities. So what's wrong with that? For one thing, they are actually harder to reach than the so-called fringe kids. They take in the Biblical knowledge I teach them but it's hard to tell if their hearts are being touched. I was a bit miffed about what to do until I read Chap Clarks book shown above. I also took a class from him at this years Simply Youth Ministry Conference. Now I know that even these "shiny-penny" kids feel abandoned and alone at times. The shiny pennies are just really good at covering up the hurt and conforming to adults expectations but they still hurt. After much thought and reviewing my own middle school experience I see that this loneliness can actually be used as an the rest on my youth ministry blog.
039416: Hurt 2.0: Inside the World of Today"s Teenagers Hurt 2.0: Inside the World of Today's Teenagers
By Chap Clark / Baker Academic
Contemporary adolescents seem confident, well-adjusted, and happy. But beneath the surface, they're often lonely, insecure, and empty. What's going on? Claiming that adults have "abandoned" teens just when they most need support, Clark's ethnographic study examines today's changing youth culture from the inside out and suggests five strategies to "turn the tide of systemic abandonment."
Hurt 2.0 features a new chapter on youth at society's margins and new material on social networking and gaming. Each chapter has been thoroughly revised with new research, statistics, quotations, and documentation.

This website is specifically designed for the Christian Sunday school teacher, youth ministry leaders, and youthyouth ministry group pastors. I have posted many of my unique Sunday School Lesson Plans for you to download free Each lesson plan is surrounded by the resources used to create the Sunday school lesson and lead the class.

I update with new posts, FREE Sunday School lessons, and youth group resources often so keep coming back.

Yes, this may be just a home-built website, not as flashy as those professional ones, but it's loaded with great stuff -one of the best collections of resources for junior high and high school youth ministry on the web.

I respond to your e-mails. So if there is something you need, a correction I need to make, or something you'd like to contribute, please let me know.

834181: The Adolescent Journey: An Interdisciplinary Approach The Adolescent Journey: An Interdisciplinary Approach
By Amy Jacober / InterVarsity Press

Adolescence is a time of individuation--children are slowly finding their identity as adults, separate from their parents and other adult influences. Such a critical time of psychological development is complicated by cultural influences that shape their expectations of adulthood and color how they relate to other people and even God.

The task of the youth pastor becomes to help adolescents navigate this often treacherous journey, helping young people reconcile their experience of childhood to the reality of their impending adulthood, and rooting and establishing them in a faith that can sustain them through their adult journey as well.

In the The Adolescent Journey: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Practical Youth Ministry Amy Jacober draws on the insights of sociology and psychology and reveals youth ministry to be an act of practical theology, and helps youth pastors find their footing as they guide young people through adolescence.

Don't underestimate the value of older folks and parents in youth ministry:

The common thought that youth leaders or youth pastors must be youthful is causing Christian churches to overlook or shuffle aside a large group of qualified volunteers for youth ministry. While it is true that it takes a youthful body to keep up with kids on outdoor trips and some physical activities is is not true that older folk have nothing at all to contribute to the discipleship of young Christian kids.

A lot of pastors argue that kids will be drawn too or have closer relationships to younger adults because they have more in common is also not true. Many kids are suffering the loss of a parent through divorce. These kids yearn for a... READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE ON MY BLOG / Parents in youth ministry.

737080: The Red Stuff: 5-Week DVD Curriculum The Red Stuff: 5-Week DVD Curriculum
By Scott Rubin / Group Publishing

This 5-week small group video curriculum for teens digs into the words of Jesus himself, "The Red Stuff," taking a look at five of Jesus' parables and how it applies to their lives today. Youth workers will love the resources provided on the CD-ROM - leader's notes, student handouts, and discussion sheets in PDF & Word format and editable promotional materials.  The DVD has five 5-10 minute talks by Scott Rubin, junior high pastor at Willow Creek. Lessons include The Bible, Our Talents, Pride, Persistent Prayer, and Eternity. Appropriate for both Junior High (10-13) and High School (14-18).

Other good information on this website:

New page added: Making Your Own Teen Bible Study Lesson

How to make a great youth facility or Sunday school classroom.

A solid Biblical answer to the question, "What happens when you die?"

10 things you can do to create a great youth group.

Practical tips to help grieving parents What you can do if a child dies in your youth group.

Ben Stein's Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, DVD

Parenting with Love and Logic, Helping parents parent.

New Page: Self-Injury (cutting) goes mainstream. How you can help.

Sunday School Lesson on suicide. Answering the question, "Can a person who commits suicide go to heaven?"


Sunday School Lesson Connection encourages the volunteer Sunday school teacher with sure-fire tips, youth ministry resources and FREE Sunday school lessons. These discussion type youth group lesson plans are easy to follow with minimum preparation. Professional youth pastors will benefit from the experience and resources listed here. Over thirty free teen Sunday school lesson plans for teens to just print and go.

Because attendance at a teen Sunday school or youth group can be sketchy keep several lessons in your bag and pull out the one most applicable to the kids attending youth group that day.

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